Friday, 4 March 2016

Golden Girls vs. Super Golden Friends - fave stuff on the web

Super Golden Girls

Adding "Super Golden Friends" to my fave stuff on the web link below...

Here it is in all its glory...

Super Golden Friends

And it's even gone onto an online series in its on right.

But I couldn't help myself.
It's funny because you remember the original,
but I couldn't help playing it alongside the original...
just to see what it would look like.

(And I muted it because "Enchanted" was playing in the background, and I didn't want to incur a yelling-at by a third copyright holder...)

Golden Girls vs. Super Golden Friends - side by side...

"Thank you for being a friend. Travelled down the road and back again.
Your heart is true.
You're a pal and a confidante.
And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me,
and the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend."

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