Friday, 26 February 2016

Sacred and Profane- the second video of every profane thing I can think of... #ScriptChat

Sacred and Profane is the idea that mixing, combining or juxtaposing two ideas - one from the world of sacred with one that culture decides as profane - will give you an even better, funnier, more compelling, or more dramatic idea.

Each week, I'm going to make a weekly draw of ten new ideas from my piles of sacreds and profanes.

I've got the camera, I'm just waiting for the tripod mount to arrive from China.

So probably, here is my final example of Sacred and Profane I've spotted.

They're everywhere, but I think I've got to get on with generating my own now.

The Good Life

On the surface it looks like...

Civilization (Sacred) disrupted by Farmyard noises and smells (Profane)
Or Being comfortable (Sacred) VS. Being miserly and struggling (Profane)

But the genius of it as an idea for a sitcom (or even drama) series is that maybe, instead, it could be seen as...

The Countryside (Sacred) VS. Surburbia (Profane)


Living off the Land (Sacred) VS. The Rat Race, and Working for The Man (Profane)

Anyway, here is the final list of profanities that have gone into the profane pile.
I should work out Sacred and Profane containers for these.
Maybe a food bowl for the Sacreds, and a potty for the Profanes.
I think I'm definitely going to do that. I hope I remember.
Remind me if I forget.

My list of every profane word I can think of for the Sacred and Profane weekly draw - Part 2

The complete list of sacred and profane words is here

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