Friday, 5 February 2016

How Seinfeld writes and every profane word I can think of for my Sacred and Profane weekly draw #scriptchat

There's a theory that ideas are more powerful (dramatic or funny) when you combine the Sacred and Profane.

Every Friday I add to my lists of Sacred and Profane, and now writing the words out for a weekly random draw to come up with new Sacred and Profane combinations, like...

Jerry Seinfeld's Pop Tarts Routine

Jerry Seinfeld talks about how he writes a routine, but the Pop Tarts one he uses as an example has lots and lots of sacred and profane combinations:

Jerry Seinfeld Interview: How to Write a Joke | The New York Times

as a kid (childhood=sacred) back of head blowing off (disfigurement=profane)

orange juice (sacred) hack at with a knife (profane)

committing a murder before you got on the school bus (sacred and profane)

wrapping your lips (sacred) around a wood-chipper (profane)

chimps (sacred) in the dirt (profane), playing (sacred) with sticks (profane)

I've now written out all my Profanes - it doesn't feel right calling them profanities, because words themselves are Sacred.

Here they are ready for the first draw week after next, I think

My list of every profane word for the Sacred and Profane weekly draw - Part One

Did I miss any profanes? They might be in the part 2 video next week, but it'd be great to be left any in comments here

The complete list of sacred and profane words is here

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