Friday, 19 February 2016

Grand final slow motion belly wobble - Round 5 of my Great British Dad Gameshow pilot #BritishDadStuff

This is sad.
In more ways than one.

Time now for the final round of my Great British Dad Gameshow

Round 5: The Grand Final Slow-Motion Belly Wobble

And this will have you on the edge of your seats.

Some real jeopardy, and a good link from the last round, Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dishes.

It's a little disturbing, and the video below is probably Not Safe For Work.

Or home.

The rules are really simple: you've got to deliver the best and most dramatic slow-motion belly wobble.

The fathers flourish their fat and shake their stomachs...
...after which we get the full glory as an instant slow-mo replay
(Maybe with a compelling zoom and dramatic music bed).

There's an art to this round -- you're free to go for a top-down ripple, a side-to-side agitation, or perhaps even a jaunty jiggle.

To win, points are awarded by audience vote...
with sports-channel-style onscreen stats showing wobble length, average speed, contestant height/weight/BMI index
to decide the best and most dramatic wobble.

The strictest rule is that the judges can only accept one jiggle.

"Round" is probably the right word.

Some things cannot be unseen -- here is the pilot I made.

And if you're affected by any of the issues raised in this video, please leave a comment below.

Or a link to your own berth-quake.

Everything from my Understanding Your Great British Dad guide is here

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