Monday, 11 January 2016

Round 3 of my Great British Dad Challenge Gameshow pilot - Squashing down the wheeliebins after you missed a week #BritishDadStuff

Yeah! I finally got round to shooting ROUND 3 of my Great British Dad Challenge Gameshow (Working Title) pilot with my boy


I know. I've got to talk to him about holding on a wide shot.

All sorts of teething problems with this pilot.

But the rules are you've got to see how much extra room you can create to get your family through to the next Biffo (or is it Biffa, Bifta? or Aviva, no, not them, the other one) kerbside visit.

Viola! No, Vieleda.
Veolia. That's the shampoo.

There's a 50/50 sudden death jeopardy to the round to pick normal or recycling.

Any others? Comments below

Or... if you do have any British Dad gameshow rounds I can completely steal for no money but huge thanks and road tested painfully in my own home?
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