Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Dad picked up Luke Skywalker in 1977 #BritishDadStuff #StarWars

"Whos the young one in that Star Wars Neil?"

So only now do I find out that Dad picked up Mark Hamill in his taxi off the Kings Road in 1977.

"Not Harrison Ford... or that princess in the white dress, the other one - the young one"

"Luke Skywalker?"

"Dunno - he was wearing a Beano badge.

I said "What you doing wearing that badge - my son's got one of them at home... And he's five!" (That was me).

"And he said that he "just sort of liked the look of it."

"Struck me as a really nice bloke. Could take a laugh. Very pleasant chap."

And my Dad thought I wouldn't be interested in that.

Until it occurred to him now.

That was my unexpected Star Wars (cast) review.

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