Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dishes... its Round 4 of my Great British Dad Gameshow Challenge pilot thing #BritishDadStuff

Here it is, the next round of my Great British Dad Gameshow Challenge

Round 4: Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dishes

It's all explained in the video below, but it's a freestyle round.

Every Dad has a dirty dish, usually done on those rare times they're on their own or got the house to themselves.

Mine in the pilot is "Orange Baileys Viennetta".

Get a pen, the recipe is:
Some Vienetta
1x Orange
1x Bottle of Baileys

Here's the pilot on this Youtube link here, or embedded here:

"Hello, I'm Neil and this is Round 4 of the Great British Dad Gameshow Challenge Thing.

So this is round 4, it's a bit of a freeform round...
It's difficult to work out a point scoring system for this.

It might need to have some kind of judge, even though judges on gameshows suck,
but there might be a way round that.

Anyway, the rules of this round are really simple.
Every Dad has got within them a dish,
a Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dish.

It's the kind of thing they cook when they're by themselves,
or late at night when they've got the house to themselves?

I mentioned this to a friend of mine, Fay,
and she said her dad's Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dish was basically beans on toast.
When the beans are cooking, just before the end, you put in a can of tuna as well.

My dish, my Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dish, is more of a dessert.
So here we go, and let's see how this pilot works out.

"So we've got the Viennetta,
I've grated some, I've zested some orange.
Now here comes the Baileys.

That's Viennetta Orange Baileys.
Or Viennetta Baileys Orange.
So there you have it, that's one of the reasons why I am not a food blogger.
But that's round 4 of the Great British Dad Gameshow challenge pilot thing.
If you've got a Deadbeat Dad Dirty Dish, tweet me!
Or leave a comment under this video.
And we'll try out some of your recipes.
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