Tuesday, 29 December 2015

That video pilot of round 2 of my British Dad Stuff Gameshow - Fishing stuff out from behind radiators... #BritishDadStuff

So this is the pilot video I shot with my son for Round 2 of the British Dad Stuff Challenge (Working Title)

It's called: "Getting out toys jammed down the backs of radiators using only a strip of hotwheels track" and the rules and background are all on the post from a couple of weeks ago here.

If you can subscribe to my youtube channel, it'll help me come up with Round 3.

Which I think will be "Pushing down the bags in your wheeliebins by standing in them to get more space".

Maybe there'll be a 50/50 Recycling or Normal day sudden death jeopardy.

The Great Work, "Understanding Your British Dad" is here

My previous post is here...
My daughter's plastic jewellery - I'm trying Feminists, honestly, I'm trying #BritishDadStuff

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