Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Bare-foot Living Room Danger Walk - a British Dad Stuff gameshow round

Like the hot-ash walkers of the Fijian Islands, you know you're a British Dad when...

...you psych yourself up, to get yourself from one side of the room to the other.
Without injuring your feet.

So this is the gameshow round.

With bonus points for every swear (but derivatives and soundalikes not included).

Choose your technique early...

Move quickly and get it over with...
(with a risk of treading on more Lego™ and upturned Mega Bloks™...)

Or... take the better planned, but longer, route.

There's also always the added psychologial layer where deep down for all the swearing and stomping, you don't want to break anything.

Because you know all this plastic has the same price per gramme as platinum
(and will become currency come the inevitable financial apocalypse)

You lose points for that, with the killer Playmobil™ forfeits.
(Die you swivel-headed dead-eyed thigh gap eyesores)

Who wants to play? Comments below

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