Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Why men keep strange things under their bed #BritishDadStuff

Why do men keep things under their bed.

I love this storage solution, because I don't run a pub downstairs...
and I'm not the head of a crime syndicate.

And yet, there is sports equipment under the bed.

And I don't think I'm the only man who's noticed this.

I love the vanity of it.

That an intruder would make a bee-line for my bedroom.

And of course, there would be an altercation.

In which I have the upper hand.

Like, coming into a bedroom, that wouldn't be expected.

I'm not even sure that there are any recorded instances where burglars coming into a bedroom has been repelled by sporting equipment.

All I know is, in the night, I can't even get up when my daughter needs a wee.

So I'm not sure the odds are stacked in favour of the man who leaves strange objects under their bed.

If you know a man, who keeps an odd thing under his bed... for some late night sports practice... leave me a message!
You can be anonymous...
Just hint at the sport.

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