Tuesday, 6 October 2015

UK Telephone Code T-shirts from the 1990s. Another thing I chose to keep and not throw out. #BritishDadStuff

We have thrown out so much stuff.

We have bare shelves. And empty drawers.

But we used the Marie Kondo method where you hold every item you own,
and if it "sparks joy inside you", you keep it.

If it doesn't. You let it go.

This is one of the items I wanted to keep.

I could not throw or give this away.

Take a deep breath, and let your eyes drink this.

It's an advert from the Clothes Show Magazine c.1990, for telephone code T-shirts.
(The codes themselves date this between 1990-1995).

I don't know why I can't let this go.

I think it's maybe a reminder of how barren we were for new cultural references,
that, what?
A new telephone code?
For my city?
I've gotta wear me some of that.

I've not got enough time on my hands to wonder if anyone from "towns and cities not listed" ever did phone their Hotline number. And if they did if they ever saw their STD code immortalised in baggy casualwear.

It does remind me that it would have been the era when as a teen I died a death chatting up (aka reality: trying to talk to) a nice girl on holiday. She told me she came from Manchester.
I cannot type the next sentences.
I will try.

Ah, Manchester?
(LONG PAUSE) So, urm, your... telephone code is 061?



Kids, if you're reading this now, in the future - because these blog posts are my legacy - you have no idea how lucky you are that my DNA made it there.
It was touch and go for many decades, it really was.
Touch and go.
The wrongest phrase to describe it.

All my British Dad Stuff will go here.

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