Thursday, 29 October 2015

Four types of sketches and comedy scenes... my little list #screenwritingtips

Wrote this down years ago, from a behind-the-scenes thing on a Radio 4 show.

It's a list of different types of comedy sketches.

Twisted Format
(eg. "You are the Weakest Monarch... goodbye")

Exaggerated Characteristic
(eg. Very stupid George W. Bush being congratulated on tying his shoe laces)

Knocking Satire
(eg. Listing observations in the Archers)

Personality in Wrong Situation
(eg. Thora Hird in brutal murder play)

There's only four of them (which probably says something about the radio show), but it's always come in handy for cricking ideas for comedy scenes into something, so I've added it to my page of scriptwriting things here.

Got any others? Comments below

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