Wednesday, 2 September 2015

We've got no scripts! How the 1 o clock news almost stayed on the air in 1986

This is a chance to tell my BBC Newscaster Philip Hayton Story.

In a phenomenal act of generosity, he managed to help comedian John Gordillo and myself get The Recommeded Daily Allowance commissioned.

We bumped into him in the canteen at BBC Television Centre, late one evening when we were writing the proposal. Like a couple of fanboys we said hello and after a short chat he pretty much instantly agreed to walk-in to the middle of our pitch to Stuart Murphy at BBC Choice and ask John how the meeting was going.

He was cued to burst into the room by Shane Allen, (who's now Head of Comedy at the BBC) Shane told us afterwards that Philip was waiting in the corridor an incredibly long time and asked very politely if it would be much longer because he had a bulletin coming up.

Anyway, this is a recording of a behind-the-scenes control room talkback where the bulletin runs out of news.

"I've got no scripts Mike!"

"We're going to have to crash... we'll have to crash..."

Added this to my collection of control room talkback videos, right here

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