Thursday, 24 September 2015

My list of stakes for sitcom scripts and screenplays... #writing

Tried looking up a "list of stakes" online for sitcom premises, and didn't find that much out there...

I knocked up a list of random sitcom favourites, to get an idea of the scope for series-wide stakes for the heroes...

Only Fools - financial security
Big Bang Theory - their relationship? and social standing (amongst their peers)
Cheers - Sam's financial security and his health
Father Ted - his sanity and his financial security and good standing and way of life
Good Life - their financial security
Ever Decreasing Circles and Keeping Up Appearances - their good standing
Dads Army - their way of life - their nation
Frasier - good standing and reputation and family and financial security

It resonated with a recent Seth Godin post about what it takes for someone to put something into action:
being ashamed
feeling stupid
being rejected
being left out
getting hurt
being embarrased
left alone

being seen
being needed
becoming independent
relieving anxiety
becoming powerful
making someone proud
fitting in
seen as special
taken care of

So the catch-all list of stakes I ended up with looks like this

Social standing
Financial security
Good health
Secure relationship/marriage
Safe community
Way of life
--> And/Or... The end of the hero's Dreams

Added this to my ever bigger list of writers links

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