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My rant at a really dangerous street in Kings Cross London N1C

This isn't a very funny post - I'm trying to use my blog to get a message through to Camden Council that their pavement in Kings Cross isn't safe.

On the upside, it's a starting point for the next thing I really want to write:

"My Mum: The Best Bedblocker in London"

But that's a whole other story.

Dear Sir/Madam

I didn't receive an acknowledgement that you received my email yesterday about the dangerous kerb ramp onto the temporary zebra crossing in Handyside Street N1C Kings Cross yesterday (cc'd below for reference), and so I am forwarding some more photographs of the street to emphasise the danger the pavement on the North side presents.

This embarrassing video I made explains everything:

The kerb ramp should not be used as an access point to the road - the drop is far too steep.

It drops over 20cm across 65cm - a 1 in 3 drop - which is lethal for a wheelchair.

We know, because our Mum broke both her legs on it in August 2013.
(And passed away, in pain, 3 months later).

Here is a walkthrough to show you why:

VIDEO - This is where my Mum's wheelchair accident happened in August 2013.
Beaconsfield Street ends in the dangerous steep kerb ramp into the road.
This is where her wheelchair tumbled into the road and she broke both her legs, in several places.

The dangerous pavement was then (after her accident, unfortunately) protected by barriers and a zebra crossing further away from the dangerous kerb.

PICTURE - Handyside Street dangerous kerb ramp protected by barrier and a new proper zebra crossing (July 2014)

Then, sadly, the barriers were removed, leaving the pavement with the ramp acting as a dangerous camber in the pavement

PICTURE - Handyside Street N1C without barrier and with adverse camber on pavement

And it got worse when the pedestrian street Beaconsfield Street N1C was closed too.

And then yesterday, even worse, the temporary zebra crossing, now uses the dangerous kerb as an access point to the zebra crossing.

PICTURE - Handyside Street N1C Dangerous kerb today

VIDEO - Handyside Street N1C dangerous pavement ramp and zebra crossing

I don't know how I can make it any clearer that the ramp caused a terrible accident in August 2013, and is now in play again in June 2015.

Any chance you could possibly:
a. do something about it.
b. please reply to me so that we can discuss what happened in August 2013 with the Council.


Neil Mossey

On 4 June 2015 at 14:43,

Dear Camden Council

There has been a dangerous kerb ramp in Handyside Street N1C since early 2013.

It was mitigated by a barrier and a nearby new zebra crossing in Autumn 2013 soon after a terrible wheelchair accident suffered by my Mum on the kerb ramp in August 2013 (which I'll try to detail below).

But now that has been removed so the ramp is ungarded, and this afternoon a temporary zebra crossing has been placed from the ramp during the building work there.

This ramp is deadly to wheelchairs.

This is a dangerous road crossing.

I attach photos and a video link - but my fear is that this ramp poses a life-threatening risk right now on Handyside Street N1C today.

Video Link:

The photographs don't show the problem very well, but the drop of the ramp is very very steep. I've attached a photo showing the side from April 2015.

The pavement drops 20cm over 65cm - its about a 1 in 3 drop.

The street signs and N1C postcode indicate this is in the Camden borough,

but I would be grateful if you could let me know if this part of pavement (the North side of Handyside Street between York Way and Stable Street) is owned and maintained by Camden Council or the Kings Cross Development organisation?

On August 10th 2013, my mum's wheelchair toppled forward, down the very steep kerb drop and breaking both her legs in several places (she was wheelchair bound with MS). A LAS ambulance and paramedic bike attended the scene, and took her to UCH A&E Department.

She died in UCH 3 months later - her body sadly couldn't take the accident.

We would be very grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this urgent complaint, and direct us to who we can contact to find out who is responsible for this kerb - is it Camden Council?

We would like to put this pavement complaint and accident report on the record and consider this as informing you this situation has existed for two years despite the huge building work taking place.

Many thanks



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