Monday, 18 May 2015

Why Freelancers charge the charges that they charge. In any field.

Love this article on Chortle by photographer Idil Sukan - and added it to my list of fave things on the web.

It looks like it's about the specifics of how much photography sessions really cost
- just to get that funny image for a comedian's billboard or flyer.

What it's really about is the value you can get between client and supplier and the services they could provide - in any field - if you took a more long-term approach to the relationship.
"These photos will be the primary portrayal of the comedian for at least 18 months, and can last really forever. The comedian will be known for their images. I'm still seeing my photos from five years ago be used on posters, press and brochures. They will help create a fan base, be shared on social media, represent everything the comedian is about. This is the first and foremost representation of the comedian to the whole world."

The full article is here

And all the links to my favourite stuff on the web that I want to keep tabs on, is here

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