Thursday, 14 May 2015

Some of the last of the 81 words I've had to add to my phone's in-built dictionary. Like sheesh.

Here's the final snapshot of the kind of words I mash into my phone.

And then click on 'add to dictionary' so I won't have to mash them in again...

...actual words from my Android phone's internal spellchecker personal dictionary.

- as in Dahl

- because I live in the 1950s. It's very handy word to use around 6 and 4 year olds though.

- another one for my kids. Love this word: It's what they do in the park. On scooters.

- another handy word around toddlers.

- type this a lot. Instead of "the things that they say".

- guess there's no apostrophe in foneland.

- easier to type than "making stuff up".

- absolutely no idea why I added this word for the Irish Premier to my personal dictionary. Reminds me of the Tim Binns souvenir joke: "My friend went to Dublin, and all I got was this stupid Taoiseach "

- no idea why this is in there either.

- always a friendly thanks

- an ironically untraditional word

vid & vids
- singular and plural laziness

- not to be confused with vids. As in hi-vis vest.

vlogger & vlogging
- one day I'll do this, thinking that it's easier than typing.

- voiceover. which will be the easiest way to do my vlogging.

- as in Rachel. Star of the Footy Pups. [LINK]

You got any weird words spellchecked in your phone?

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