Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Life in 100 Objects. #1 Kevin Keegan branded shin pads.

Yet another list for the blog (my top 100 fave bits of TV has barely hit 30...). And it's probably because I know I need to start throwing some stuff out.
But here are the things I haven't.

#1 A pair of Partick Kevin Keegan branded junior shin-pads c. 1983

Weird starting with this one. Because I hate football.
Mum bought me these for school (buying shin pads that probably ironically crippled her, financially). I think I must've worn them about three times.

My local team, Arsenal, wasn't really the place a Dad wanted to take his kid in the early 80s (and he's really into his football). So I never got into it like my mates did.
Maybe I'm just missing the gene: I get all my sports-viewing done in a solid month in real-time during the Tour De France (all my favourite clips from that here).

My writing partner completely nailed it that the sports I'm into are all about long endurance stuff, rather than a to-and-fro that repeats itself and goes nowhere. Might be the same reason I'm addicted to rickshaw run videos on youtube.

But I showed these to my son. Who loves them.
And this week wore them more times than I ever did. And I'm playing football with him in the back yard more than I ever did. And I've spent the past year writing a football cartoon for Cbeebies called Footy Pups.
We're going to change the name Mum wrote in them.
But here they are for one last time. Not mine any more.


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