Friday, 15 May 2015

Its Friday, time to add to my list of things that are Sacred and Profane... Comedy writing theory...

(A carpark. Profane.)

Sacred and Profane - are the wrongest things to put together to try and get some comedy and drama going.

Every Friday, adding to this big list of SACRED AND PROFANE things.

These are the ones I've come up with this week...

Love which endures
Paddle boats
Brotherly love
Home cooking
Cancer survivor
School project

Annual results
Conveyor belt
Multi-storey carpark
Jumbo 747
Toilet paper/tampons
Serial Killer
Reality shows

So... from these tiny lists, sacred and profane:

A reality show set in a nursery (which C4 are doing with "Secret Life of 4 Year Olds")
Loving a serial killer (death row dames)
Giving away free toilet paper
School projects to grow the best tobacco.

But the full list of Sacred and Profane is here...

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