Friday, 1 May 2015

I think up 50% more things that are Profane than Sacred... Comedy writing theory. Here's what I've got.

A toddler (sacred) who is a pig (profane) combines for the Babe stories and films (Sacred and Profane).

Every Friday I try to add to my lists of Sacred and Profane
- two extremes that are sometimes more funny or shocking or compelling because they're so wrong together.

What's weird is that on the big list I'm keeping (link below), I'm currently thinking up 50% more Profane things than Sacred.


Ice sculpture
War monument
Native Americans
Children's books
Intensive Care Unit
Green Power
Raw fish

Spray paint
Industrial park/units
Cheap booze
Reduced price
Mobile phone masts
Loyalty cards
Open All Night

But the full list of Sacred and Profane is here...

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