Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Charity or Tip? Games for tightwad dads.

Charity or Tip?

The game that every Bank Holiday, hapless Dads play all over the nation.

There are never any right answers.

Winnie the Pooh. And Friends. Charity or Tip?
Darby's head has snapped off, but it could still be stuck back in place.

Baking tin. Charity or Tip?
It's "seasoned".

Wire post rack. Charity or Tip?
Hold up your junk mail all over your wall.

Bobble water filter. Charity or Tip?
A folly that leaks water all over the top.
We can do that ourselves without a pricey jug.

Toddler Stair Gates. Charity or Tip?
You winced when you bought these.
Winced some more if you're lucky to put them up.
Then some more when they worked out how to flip the catch.
You left them up for a little while longer, and now...

If you've got any for the Charity or Tip? ...comments below or tweet me your junk!


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