Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Flying Lizards TV on the TV, and I dont know why I love it so much.

Watched the 1980 Top of the Pops with the kids on BBC Four at the weekend.
(I make it sound like a communal activity, but it involves me shouting over their moaning to get Rescue Bots or Frozen, Tangle, or Puppies (101 Dalmations) back on for half an hour).

We've got a fair system of "GONG" though, where we shout "GONG!" and fast-forward through the rubbish songs. Have to overrule some of those (Dr. Hook usually gets short shrift) but...

When this track came on we all went quiet.
Dropped our jaws to the floor.
And let it play in real time.

It got to the end, and the six-year old said very quietly (having giggled all the way through it)... "Can I see that again?"

So on it went.

I had to rewind to the Simon Bates intro, and whack on the subtitles to get who this was.
(The BBC subtitlers are saints in our noisy house.)

We watched it five more times.
I've watched a lot of old telly (sometimes as a job).
But I've never seen or heard this.
So I started looking up other videos about them.


Deborah Evans-Stickland interview part 1

Deborah Evans-Stickland interview part 1

Flying Lizards on Australian 'Countdown' on 30.03.1980

Made a page for all my fave 70s TV music performances... and dug it up to link here

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