Monday, 5 January 2015

This is what TV used to do - BRITISH DAD STUFF FOR MY KIDS

This was 'interactivity' when I was growing up.

Back when broadcasters tried to help the audience, (or at least the time before wheeling them on to stitch them up and openly mock them).

When computers started going into people's homes in the early 80's, TV joined in by making programmes where you could send off for a leaflet to get programs to type into your computer.

Typing a game into your computer.

This was on ITV.

On my local radio station, LBC ("97.3FM... The Information Station") on a Sunday lunchtime, they'd broadcast a computer program that you could record on cassette at home, and then play back into your computer.

For 5 minutes - all you'd hear, on an FM radio station, was the computer noise "eeeee---hhh-ooooo----hmmmmm-EEEEEE"

Screech radio.

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