Monday, 19 January 2015

I was a terrible terrible script ripper - (British Dad stuff for my kids)

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These days, I'm a script writer.
When I first started in TV, I was a script ripper, for CNN.
It involved literally ripping the scripts that churned 5-ply from a printer, and handing them out to the control room, the autocue... and the presenting news anchor.

They'd often try out anchors from Atlanta on the shows from London.
One day, there was yet another one in, and I dashed in last minute to dump the wadge of scripts in front of him.
"Hi, I'm Rick Sallinger" He said.
"Oh, hello!" I beamed. And replied "I'm Neil, Neil Mossey"
I thought he looked at me like I was a bloomin' idiot.
Confused at this bit of weirdness - and frankly, rudeness - I exited the studio door into Main Control.

And on all the screens there, realised that he was just trying to do the main intro.

All my Dad Stuff For My Kids is here.
Sort of. when I get round to pasting them all in.

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