Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bit of Christmas spirit. Turns out its for free - adventures of a tightwad dad

This week, I put my ticket in our local hospital carpark machine.
And it was 3 minutes over the ‘free drop off’ 15 minutes.

This carpark is run for profit by Carillion.
But the guy in the ticket office over the speaker let me out.
For free.

The 63 bus on Blackfriars Bridge was rammed, and drove past.
Another one came along 5 minutes later even more rammed - passengers in the front door lobby.
The driver opened the doors and let me on, saving me another 10 minute wait in the rain.

(this is the bus, after I got off)

We can look out for when we’ve been ripped off.
Hard done by.
Taken for a ride.
Pushed into a leveraged position.
Rinsed, beaten and defeated.
(Hello Lawyers. Politicians. Insurance companies. "Journalists".)

Or we can watch-out for the nice.
When someone looks you in the eye.
Acknowledges you.
Sees the humour.

You know. Be kind.

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