Sunday, 10 August 2014

What those radio jingle singers look like in real life...

- What those radio jingle singers look like in real life... -

You know when you hear a jingle on the radio, and you get a picture in your head of what they look like... perky 20-something, perma-tanned, Californians probably, fresh off the beach in shorts and radio-station-branded T-shirts?

In reality, it looks exactly like that.

Here's the making of the Radio 2 jingle package... Love that it's the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra doing Ken Bruce's Popmaster.

Had no idea that Steve Wright's afternoon show theme was specially composed.

I lost my soundcloud of the full County Sound station theme (thanks soundcloud for hiding tracks if you accidentally go over your limit and not able to get them back...), but the poetry goes something like this:

We are your music, and your news each day,
Wherever you're going, we're going your way.
Open up your hearts, and you will let a little sunshine through,
With County Sound, the one and only one for you.
- I'll try and get it embedded somewhere else by the time this post goes up

It's a bit like the BBC Shropshire theme. We had it on the RDA jingles night, cut to news images from around the world that day.

Added this to my big list of fave things on the web, after "Man in Nursing Home reacts to hearing music from his era" and "Photos ruined by dogs pooing in the background"...

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