Friday, 1 August 2014

FENCE BEHIND YOUR HEAD - another example of mess from around our home in the Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery

"Basically, our kids destroying our home, one work of art at a time..."
Our dipping back into the Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery archives continues...

#3 - Fence Behind Your Head

Black permanent marker pen on Lilac Echo Matt Dulux emulsion.

This simple statement is, we think, the Artist's first recorded use of black permanent marker pen.

(We have no idea where the pens come from, having attempted to lock up, hide or burn any inked instrument in the house).

Funnily enough, The Artist has chosen to site “Fence Behind Your Head” on our attempt to paint out a previous more complex work rendered in red permanent marker pen.

Is this deliberate? Who knows.

If it is, then perhaps it's significant that the fence appears to be broken.

All the other works of art by our toddlers around the house are here... Enjoy!

(I'd love it if you have any to send over - leave a comment below or tweet me.)

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