Thursday, 10 July 2014

Different from me... and holding up The Sun - DAD STUFF FOR MY KIDS

- Different from me... and holding up The Sun -

These are the 3 leaders of the main political parties in the UK right now.

They could not seem further from my life right now.

Here they are promoting a newspaper.

Every Thursday I will put new other ways they are not like me under the picture.

Never danced to Boney M in Torremolinos.

I don’t think I’ll make it as far as the next General Election.

But might reach the next recess of Parliament.

Dunno what to call it - think it'll be #These3Men:

Never uses batteries from the 99p shop.

Never checks the second screen on the train ticket machine to see if there's anything cheaper

Never dashes out to top up the ticket in the hospital car park

Never gets excited by the new "Special Offer" week in Lidl.

Never has to add water to make the Dolmio go a bit further

Never sings "ooh - ahh" in the middle of "Hey baby, (do you wanna be my girl)."

Never uses vouchers in McDonalds

Never waits till 0930 before using their Oyster card.

Never been a grapple fan.
Never had "a good week... till next week."

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