Monday, 16 June 2014

Tesco is selling to my son in his Infant School Classroom - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

- Tesco is selling to my son in his Infant School Classroom -

(source: some local “news” paper. No credit. No apology.)

I work on scripting for videos - for many chains that aren't Tescos.

I like them.

Weirdly there’s something honest about companies making things directly - with their name on - instead of third-handedly throwing money at things to be sort of linked to something else.

But I bristled when I heard that Tesco took an advertising campaign into my son’s Infant School Classroom.

Don't they realise he's a Lidl (ahem, cough) Waitrose kid?

They're all at it though. So I don't know why I snapped on this one.

Getting him to wear Tesco branded aprons, and be taught about Tesco labelled products.

The campaign is called “Farm To Fork”.

I should lighten up.

If it was targeting my kids, they'd've called it

"Farm to Hands to Wall to Up The Dishwasher Cabinet to Floor"

But it's good -- It's important that he learns how PR, marketing and advertising work, even from this early age...

...So I told him Tesco put horse meat in our bolognese.

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  1. That is something I'd not yet seen in the UK, but I'm really alert to, so thanks for raising it. This past US post, makes me look out for future risks of commercial exploitation in fast food, but I hadn't yet heard of the UK supermarkets at it. Wow. I wrote earlier today about how we have lost the art of distinguishing between real, good food and food that has good marketing. And how it's tied into the language and same sorts of ideas on segmenting the market and consumer choice, around our healthcare today. Your post made a really interesting read.Thanks for sharing. (@TheABB) Going to look you up on twitter. :)

    1. Hi ABB - Thanks for the message - followed!

      Whats screwed up is Im sure the information they were passing on was all correct -- its just the hearts-and-minds intention behind it that feels dark...
      ...and predatory.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by - appreciate it!


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