Monday, 16 June 2014

Tesco is selling to my son in his Infant School Classroom - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

- Tesco is selling to my son in his Infant School Classroom -

(source: some local “news” paper. No credit. No apology.)

I work on scripting for videos - for many chains that aren't Tescos.

I like them.

Weirdly there’s something honest about companies making things directly - with their name on - instead of third-handedly throwing money at things to be sort of linked to something else.

But I bristled when I heard that Tesco took an advertising campaign into my son’s Infant School Classroom.

Don't they realise he's a Lidl (ahem, cough) Waitrose kid?

They're all at it though. So I don't know why I snapped on this one.

Getting him to wear Tesco branded aprons, and be taught about Tesco labelled products.

The campaign is called “Farm To Fork”.

I should lighten up.

If it was targeting my kids, they'd've called it

"Farm to Hands to Wall to Up The Dishwasher Cabinet to Floor"

But it's good -- It's important that he learns how PR, marketing and advertising work, even from this early age...

...So I told him Tesco put horse meat in our bolognese.

Maybe if I do this properly, one day my kids could become Prime Minister.

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