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Insisting on holding your train seat reservation - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

- Insisting on holding your train seat reservation -

Here is a story.

When you buy a train ticket in advance (the only way to travel without bankrupting your family thanks to the system of taxpayer subsidised train company monopolies created by the UK government), often you have a seat reservation made at the same time.

I never insisted on using them. Don’t know why. I don’t like the confrontation. Usually there’s another seat where the reservation isn’t being used, or other unreserved seats...

Anyway - I had to take a long journey to Cardiff, on a weekday morning - I knew this train would be filling up. Instead of not using my seat and then being bumped from another further down the line - I thought this will be the day for insisting on holding my train seat reservation.

I got to my table, and sure enough, someone was sitting in it.

A very attractive, I think half-Asian, 20-something woman.

Next to her equally gorgeous friend.

When they saw me they instantly knew they were in my seat.

I’d spent the last 5 minutes working up in my head that this would be the day for insisting on holding my train seat reservation. Their attractiveness was almost an incentive to test my will on sticking to it. I was going to get the seat.

“Er... erm I think you might be in my s--” I burbled.

“We’re so sorry - of course - we knew this was reserved - we’ll just sit somewhere else” they said as they got up and moved to another carriage.

In that moment I felt pleased with myself - I’d achieved a mini victory in sticking to my simple goal, and I’d got the seat I promised myself. And I sat down.

And when I sat down, I realised that I was now opposite two businessmen... who were about to enjoy a long journey opposite two stunning twenty-something women... and were now sat opposite me.

And who’d’ve thought they’d be able to keep up a dead-eyed surly stare for two hours.

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