Monday, 26 May 2014

Working on Bank Holidays is bad for morale - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

- Working on a Bank Holiday is bad for morale -

(RI:SE, 2002, cloned by Good Morning Britain in 2014, more ways than one...)

I saw Good Morning Britain on ITV this morning and it made me sad.

Because it reminded me of all the times I'd worked on a Bank Holiday.

For shows that probably would never be repeated.

I'd even bet that shows which need their teams to come in on a Bank Holiday, are the very ones that are never repeated, let alone cherished.

Working on a Bank Holiday on a TV show that isn't watched, loved, or repeated is a bit like looking out of the window and seeing everyone else outside having a good play.

And for what -- like it's helping people, driving an Ambulance or serving in a shop.

I work hard. But it took a long time to work out that working on a Bank Holiday is bad for morale.

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