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The Complete Collection of Granny Murray Sayings from Me Too on Cbeebies...

Me Too Cbeebies

I'm a Dad in the UK. So I LOVE "Me Too".
But after watching a hundred-odd episodes, more than once... I've involuntarily joined the cult who recognise the tune that goes with "I love my traaaaiiinnnn".

If you know how that phrase is sung, you're in it too.

Couldn't believe that Granny Murray's advice that's dispensed at the beginning of each show doesn't seem to have been catalogued anywhere on the web.

This is my gift to The Internet. The (almost) complete list of Granny Murray quotes.

You're welcome.

(Claude is her Taggart-style murdered husband though, am I right?)

Do you have any sayings or advice of your own?

Feel free to leave them below in the comments...
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Now remember...

if it niggles have a giggle.
(to the man who loves his train, “Niggles”)

some things are easier than you think.
(to the woman who cleans the buses overnight, “Midnight Dancing”)

there’s always time for fun.
(to Rudi, “Silly Day”)

make sure everything is shipshape.
(to Tina, “Seaside Run”)

good things can sometimes come from our mistakes.
(to Rudi, “Hat Parade”)

play safe, play well.
(to Dr. Juno, “Play Safe”)

don’t forget to look after yourself.
(to Rudi, “Running Out”)

some of the greatest inventions were discovered by accident.
(to Mickey John, the teacher with a hat, “Painting By Numbers”)

nothing is impossible when you know how.
(to Bobby, “Leaky Bus”)

sometimes you need to clear up after others.
(to Raymond, “Clean Floors”)

what’s broken can always be mended.
(to Dr. Juno, “Precious”)

crossing the finish line is so exciting.
(to Rudi, “Fruit Race”)

a smile can make you feel fit as a fiddle.
(to Dr. Juno, “Grumpy”)

performing poetry really brings it to life.
(to Mickey John, “Fun With Words”)

there’s no reason to be bored.
(to Rudi, “Eat Your Greens”)

once you put the wheels in motion, everything will happen.
(to Bobby, “Sorted”)

there’s no need for anyone to be left out.
(to Dr. Juno, “The Fete”)

it’s brilliant to be able to do more than one thing.
(to Tina, “Gymnastic Display”)

doing something different will make the day special.
(to Tina, “Auntie’s Day Out”)

I believe that smiles spread and so do frowns.
(to Raymond, “Smiles And Frowns”)

sometimes it’s better to go back to the beginning and start again.
(to Rudi, “Bags Away”)

some things feel bigger than they are.
(to Bobby, “Changing Wheel”)

if you spot it, jot it.
(to Tina, “Counting Cows”)

sometimes you have to think back to find the answer.
(to Bobby, “Lost Mop”)

we all need a helping hand from time to time.
(to Raymond, “Girl On A Bike”)

when it’s raining, it’s always nice to be reminded of the sunshine.
(to Rudi, “Sunshine Fruit”)

let them see for themselves.
(to Mickey John, “Map”)

sometimes you just need to stop and listen.
(to Tina, “Comfy”)

when the unexpected happens, do the unexpected.
(to Rudi, “The Burst Water Main”)

sometimes the old ways are better than the new and fangled-dangled ways.
(to Raymond, “The Coffee Machine”)

make the most of what you’ve been given.
(to Mickey John, “Giving”)

other people’s upsets can upset you too.
(to Dr. Juno, “Making A Fuss”)

it’s amazing how a smile can make serious things seem fun.
(to Bobby, “Eyes And Teeth”)

always look where you’re going.
(to Raymond, “First Aid”)

when people get fidgety, entertain them.
(to Tina, “Bouncy Day”)

it’s better to be safe than sorry.
(to Dr. Juno, “Sunburn”)

spread it out and show it off.
(to Mickey John, “Book Sale”)

sometimes you don’t realise just how clever you are.
(to Tina, “Masks”)

we’ve all got something to teach, and we’ve all got something to learn.
(to Rudi, “Flags”)

get the small things right, and the big things will take care of themselves.
(to Bobby, “Form Filling”)

when you make a noise, just think of those who want to be quiet.
(to Raymond, “Football Special”)

sometimes it’s best to keep things simple.
(to Dr. Juno, “The Planetarium”)

whatever the wedding, you should always look your best.
(to Tina, “Wedding Car”)

there is nothing to fear when you know and understand.
(to Bobby, “Fireworks”)

you can’t work without a good square meal inside you.
(to Mickey John, “Tummy Rumbles”)

carnival time can be any time.
(to Dr. Juno, “I Want To See The Parade”)

there’s nothing like a splash of colour to cheer up a grey day.
(to Rudi, “The Waterfall”)

you just make the best of what you have.
(to Tina, “The Puncture”)

you never know what the wind may blow.
(to Bobby, “Bumps In The Night”)

you can’t do everything.
(to Raymond, “Cheese And Tomato Toasties”)

don’t be shy, show it.
(to Dr. Juno, “Baby”)

if it’s too noisy in the kitchen, move into the sitting room.
(to Rudi, “Road Works”)

when things go wrong, you sometimes have to call in the experts.
(to Tina, “The Rattle”)

wear it with a flourish.
(to Raymond, “Kilts Away”)

go with the flow.
(to Bobby, “I Want To Stay Up All Night”)

less rush, more speed.
(to Dr. Juno, “Less Rush”)

it’s important to have clear lines of communication.
(to Raymond, “Cow Near The Line”)

dirty or clean, some things are good for comfort.
(to Dr. Juno, “The Operation”)

it’s fun to make things happen with the things that you have.
(to Tina, “Tricks”)

there’s always help just round the corner.
(to Rudi, “Granny Murray’s Potato Recipes”)

there are some things you just have to do.
(to Bobbi, “I Want To Say Goodnight”)

there’s always more than meets the eye.
(to Bobbi, “Fruit Bus”)

I like to be able to picture where things happen in stories.
(to Mickey John, “Fantastical”)

it’s amazing what you can learn from listening to people.
(to Rudi, “Ratatouille”)

take one thing at a time.
(to Raymond, “Snooze”)

just wait for a break in the clouds and all will be fine.
(to Mickey John, “Sports Day”)

just take things one step at a time and you’ll get where you want to go.
(to Tina, “The Airport”)

you should take your own advice.
(to Dr. Juno, “A Funny Turn”)

neat goes small.
(to Tina, “Fashion Show”)

good things are always worth waiting for.
(to Rudi, “Strawberries”)

everyone likes a good laugh.
(to Tina, “I Like To Laugh”)

a washing machine can work wonders.
(to Dr. Juno, “Laundry”)

sometimes simple is best.
(to Bobbi, “Robot”)

clearing up should be entertaining.
(to Raymond, “Popcorn Express”)

I’m fine if I follow the signs.
(to Tina, “Find Your Way”)

there’s really nothing like teamwork to get things done.
(to Rudi, “Market Cries”)

animals usually know what’s best for them.
(to Bobbi, “The Pet”)

you have all the colours of the Harlequin to make the day bright.
(to Dr. Juno, “Harlequin Day”)

getting out and about is such a treat.
(to Mickey John, “The Treat”)

you don’t need to know how to drive to have fun in a car.
(to Tina, “The Driving Lesson”)

clear the decks.
(to Raymond, “Water Water Everywhere”)

signs help to sell things.
(to Rudi, Signs”)

sometimes it helps to turn things upside down and back to front.
(to Dr. Juno, “Castle Rocks”)

make the most of your time.
(to Tina, “The Fancy Dress”)

everyone has their happy side.
(to Bobby, “Give A Wave Day”)

Don’t be glum, join in and have some fun.
(to Raymond, “Creative Train”)

I do love everything to be spic and span.
(to Rudi, “Rubbish”)

sometimes there’s more space than you think.
(to Tina, “Parking”)

there’s all sorts of things you can learn from a fairground.
(to Mickey John, “Lolly Sticks”)

every picture tells a story.
(to Bobby, “Story Bus”)

There’s a place for everything.
(to Rudi, “Everything Has Its Place”)

Don't fiddle with what you don't understand.
(to Mickey John, "The Clock")

You can make everyday things look special
(to Tina, "The Disco Taxi")

Many hands make light work.
(to Raymond, "The School Trip")

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple.
(to Dr. Juno, "The Planetarium")

Some things are easier than you think.
(to Bobby, "Midnight Dancing")

Always be kind to animals.
(to Tina, "The Lost Mouse")

Bird watching can be so relaxing. It can make all your worries fly away.
(to Dr. Juno, "Fingal's Rock")

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  1. "Don't help yourself to the biscuits in the cupboard."

  2. Granny Murray drives me fucking mad. It's more that little song and jiggle she does on the way into her house. It's been stuck in my head for several days now.

  3. 'Now remember, one of the best gadgets of all time is the bulldog clip.'