Saturday, 9 February 2013

Engaging kids with online content - what are they looking for?

Seen this video, and think it's brilliant: Maurice Wheeler talking about how to engage 6-12 year olds with online content.

No idea now whether to add this to my 'writing' hub, or all my online links to help explain 'The Great Disruption'.

Think I'll put it on the writing hub, because it's about everything that's human, rather than what's going on with the times we're currently going through.

Engaging Kids Online: Maurice Wheeler at TEDxTransmedia 2012

- Why are children drawn to Facebook? What needs does it satisfy?

Here are the development stages:
Copy Cat

Role Player

Control Freak
- The world is scary - time to take control:
1 Collecting - match attacks - Club Penguin puffles
2 Nurturing - pets - Moshi Monsters
3 Customising - changing how bedroom looks - stickers - Habbo Hotel

Tribal Sharer (8/9/10 yrs)
- How you fit in:
1 Badging - facebook
2 Communication - bbm messaging
3 Peer Comparison (competition, or body image) - gaming

Identity Explorer
- Testing new identities:
(eg different circles of friends at guides, church or gym)
Different personalities on different social networks

Confident Consumer

What's also cool about the above is that we don't fully grow out of the stages...


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