Saturday, 24 November 2012

When Legacy Media is a bit rubbish

When Legacy Media is a bit rubbish

Legacy media (everything that's not digital) has a problem with changing things once they've been released.

Digital content tends to best lend itself to works-in-progress and not being entirely correct or closed or 'finished'. "Always in beta".

Legacy media has been about transmitting ideas in a one-way direction - from the creator to the audience.
(Creators might be film directors, an ad agencies, TV broadcasters, magazines etc...)

Bad ads

UK fan is stabbed in Rome.

Probably not the best bit of media buying by British Airways in the Evening Standard...


Some say this is an example of social media gone bad.

What if it's a great example of social media being good and pass-on-able - and a legacy PR line that's probably disconnected from the first thing most people think.

That Waitrose seems a bit pricey and posh.

Who knows best - the PR effort or The Crowd?

The answer probably doesn't matter... so let's ask The Crowd to join in with your PR effort... (PS haven't checked any of the below...)

Finish the sentence: "I shop at Waitrose because ________." #WaitroseReasons

I shop at Waitrose because Tesco doesn't stock Unicorn food #waitrosereasons

I shop at Waitrose because the M&S "2 dine for £10" attracts the proles. #waitrosereasons

I shop at Waitrose bcuz itz where I cn link al de fit wimmenz, innit #WaitroseReasons

I shop at Waitrose because I can wear chinos and still feel like a peasant. #WaitroseReasons

I shop at Waitrose because I like watching Daily Mail readers support neo-socialist institutions #WaitroseReasons

I shop at Waitrose because I'm a social media commentator working on a rather pedestrian critique of the #WaitroseReasons fail for my blog

I shop at Waitrose because all the other supermarkets are full of povs and stainers. #WaitroseReasons

I shop at Waitrose because darling, Harrods is just too much of a trek mid-week. #waitrosereasons

@waitrose "I shop at Waitrose because..." you say "Ten items or fewer" not "Ten items or less", which is important #WaitroseReasons

Here are thousands of articles about #WaitroseReasons

But here are a load of the actual tweets

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