Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chatting up a Deaf Translator - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Chatting up a deaf translator -

Chatting up a signer for the deaf while she is a work is the hardest thing a man can do.

Watching Cbeebies with my kids, and I recognised the deaf signer above as someone I (THINK) met at work in 2002 (while working at Rise. Sorry, RI:SE).

I am now happily married to your mum. But back then, I had a meeting with a deaf producer who was going to lip translate some footage for us.

But all I really wanted to was talk to her signer (or translator - not sure what the right word is. Maybe I should've been paying more attention).

Turns out, it's really bad form to talk to the translator, especially a professional one who is there merely to sign and speak for the person you're supposed to be talking with.

And it was a shame, because she really had a great sense of humour:

At the end of the meeting, I was making some lame small talk - just trying to drag out our time together in the hope that I could finally talk to that translator.

I asked the Deaf Producer if she was heading back into the office and she said that she was going home instead.
"Is it far?"
"No, just Harrow-On-The-Hill. Or, just outside it."

Feebily I mumbled
"What, like Harrow-Off-The-Hill."

And, god bless her, the translator sold this off the cuff comment by hand acting out "Harrow-OFF-The-Hill".

The translator sold my limp bit of miscommunication and made the Deaf Producer laugh.

I never saw her again, until this week when I saw her on Cbeebies.

(Looking at this, "signer for the deaf" looks like "singer for the deaf" which just looks weird...
...And do the adult channels have to have signers too?)

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