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Angels and Errors: How the Harrow & Wealdstone Disaster Helped Shape Modern Britain

"In October 1952 Britain suffered its worst ever peace time rail accident. It was a disaster that would change the country forever."
- Basically, "triage" was brought to disasters in the UK by accident, because a US army base medical team was nearby by chance...

Full article here

Stewpot - Ed Stewart, The Worst Memoir In Showbiz History (by Danny Baker)

Naturally every page is soaked in this vile trite bilge. (Notably though, for an ex pirate radio DJ and BBC pop picker throughout the most tumultuous times in youth culture not a single mention of any meetings with pop stars at all) However it is in his love life that we are given the most pause.

"I met my wife when she was 13, in 1970…" P.146 (He was 34 at this point)

"I arrived (at her parents) at 7pm and was greeted at the door by what I can only describe as a 13 year old apparition! She was simply stunning." (P147)

"…(the following year, so 14 now) I travelled to Italy to see her. I had just split from Eve Graham of The New Seekers and so, as the song goes, I was "Free Again"! P153 He marries the poor girl when she is 17. Elsewhere -

Full article here

Teal and Orange - Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness

Having read this post by Todd Miro, I can't stop spotting this in film and TV drama... to paraphrase:
"Those of you who watch a lot of Hollywood movies may have noticed a certain trend that has consumed the industry in the last few years. It is one of the most insidious and heinous practices that has ever overwhelmed the industry.

He explains it, in full, brilliantly here

There's even a Part 2 here

It's everywhere - checkout the redheads in the icy blue cold outdoors

Are you the office martyr?

...few things have the ability to grate quite like the 3am email from a co-worker, cc-ing in everyone but the cleaner, which on the surface reads like a friendly update but which we all know has the not-so-hidden message, “Just wanted to let you know that while you were snuggled up in your goose-down duvet, I was at work.” It tends to come from the same person who refuses help, thinks delegation is a dirty word and can’t possibly take a holiday in case it pushes the company into liquidation. It’s the office martyr.
Full article here

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