Saturday, 2 June 2012

Why do we do Risk Assessments

I've been doing some broadcast production for online content recently, and had to explain why we do risk assessments.

It's the form you fill in before you go on a shoot to make sure you've gone through anything that could possibly go wrong on the day that might harm someone.
(So that you can make sure everyone is aware of the risk, and do their best to avoid the bad things happening).

As soon as you start to direct someone to do something in front of a camera, you become responsible for whatever happens to them (and those around them) while they're doing it.

Could cover anything from asking someone to go up an unfamiliar rickety staircase in high-heels, to refrigerating the Sushi you've booked to arrive for lunch.

Anyway, saw this yesterday: pretty much the worst case scenario it's all meant to avoid.


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