Friday, 1 June 2012

Digital Producer/Writer of Branded Content, at Seven


Digital Producer/Writer for Seven Publishing Ltd.

Online content seems to work best when you are forced to work in a multi-disciplined way.

Format development
Production management
Shoot management
Notes to Director/Editor
Uploading and delivery

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What I love about producing on digital projects is the diverse range of jobs that need doing to get a video completed and delivered.

It feels a little like TV must have felt in the 1950's: a range of disciplines brought together for the first time... to get a simple idea... made by a team... and out to an audience... in a very short space of time (compared with legacy media).


It means bringing broadcast production experience to the process, but learning from a team more used to producing written and printed branded content: art directors... designers... copywriters... even food stylists...

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Gok's Style Secrets

At this moment right now, it's a new way of working. More nimble - a bit belt and braces - and throwing talented people slightly outside their comfort zone to produce formatted content for the web.

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