Monday, 28 May 2012

Giving away my material for free

This page might become a dumping ground for articles on about the perils, or joys, of giving away stuff online for free.

We're all terrified of giving away content for free.

And yet Legacy media organisations... and creators... also want the web for getting as many eyeballs to their material as possible.

Here's a quote from the Seth Godin blog
- comparing it to free samples at the Farmer's market:

This is vexing, even to someone who merely makes ideas. Watching people sneak endless tastes with no intention of making a purchase--sometimes I gasp at the audacity.

The distinction in the digital world is profound. In the digital world, the more free samples you give away, the better you do.

The miserly mindset that afflicts the merchant watching inventory walk out the door at the market is counterproductive in the digital world. That's because more free samples cost you nothing.

The scarce resources in the connection revolution are connection, attention and trust, not molecules, atoms or strawberries.

Here's another example - Why FREE works

"...the more the audience freely shares the film, the more they purchase DVDs, theater admissions, and merchandise; witness the $$ numbers that prove it.

Nina Paley is the creator of the animated musical feature film Sita Sings the Blues, which has screened in over 150 film festivals and won over 30 international awards including the Annecy Grand Crystal, The IFFLA Grand Jury Prize, and a Gotham Award.

Her adventures in our broken copyright system led her to Copyleft her film, and join as Artist-in-Residence."

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