Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why do all Elderly Crossing road signs show an apparently old heterosexual couple?

She's groping his bum.

It says Elderly People crossing, but she is groping his bum.

Source: Ethan Prater

I love how all Elderly Crossing signs around the world show a heterosexual couple crossing the road.

And I love how he is the one leading.

It’s courteous.

Even though he clearly has difficulty walking.

What kind of cow is that "woman" behind him?

Maybe the figure behind is a transvestite.

Forgive me, I'm making all kinds of assumptions...

For all I know that figure in front could be a woman too.

I think this one is from South Korea.

Source: Audreytravels

Here's one from Canada.

Source: Duncan Creamer

This is the Japanese one.

Source: Julia

And here it is in Welsh.

Source: RogerWendell

The Man (or the male-dressed/moustacheoed one) always looks like he's leading.

Maybe that generation of road sign stick person doesn't feel comfortable being out as a same sex couple.

Here are some of your replies...

I always find it a bit sad. Nowadays couldn't they be enjoying their retirement?
Could he hold a silhouette of a golf club?

(Wonder what she would be carrying?)

For her: maybe a carrier bag? She's taking something back to Next, he's dropping her off on the way to golf. Happy days.

(Maybe she’s exchanging that black housecoat for another black housecoat?)

I would also prefer to see them more erect. Maybe she does pilates now and her posture is improved. Why stoop?

Like the way chap with stick, and unsteady pins, pushed to front. 'Sweet lord them cars are fast. After you dear'.

either that or she's going for his pension

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