Monday, 16 January 2012

10 Best free things I use online

Alright, might end up with more than 10.

But this is the place for banking the sites I use for my online stuff, so at least I'll know where to find them...

Superlame - comic balloon generator

Creately - infographic generator
(How to make infographics, charts and diagrams)

Picnick - another online picture editor
This is great, really nice interface with loads of ways of funking up your pictures. Only downside is you cant use your own fonts to write on the pictures... so for that, I use Pixlr...

Pixlr - online picture editor

Splicd - How to pick out a clip from youtube to link or embed

How to make your very own KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON poster

How to Email A Car

Someone cuts you up? Tailgating?

Here's the very British answer: send a message to the car.

Don't get mad. Email a car. lets you leave a public anonymous message for any road user in the world using their car number / registration plate. Check your messages too.

Dashboard for scheduling and replying to tweets

Use this to schedule tweets from templates

for html tips (the code used for making the posts look readable)

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  1. I'm the webmaster of the Keep Calm-o-matic - thanks for the mention! I'm glad you find the site useful and I'm thrilled you put me in the same list as sites such as Creately.

  2. Andrew!
    Only just seen this!

    The Keep-Calm-O-Matic is my favourite thing on the web! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, but bigger thanks for keeping the -matic going...

    Carry on.



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