Friday, 30 December 2011

All my favourite posts...

I love some more than others.

Here's a bit of extra googlejuice for the favourites...

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5 Ways To Bust Writer's Block And Procrastination

How to break a brand new story completely from scratch

As a Dad, when something like this happens, do you reach for the hoover or video camera? Me too. (Where baby powder goes...)

Want to hear the worst/best script note I ever received?

What's it like, writing for an ipad app for a US TV series?

How to live your life with Tina Fey's Improv Rules

10 Ways You Know You Spend Too Much Time On Twitter

Daddy Daycare: How I teach my son to count

A complete list of brand new band names

Meet My Lookalike, Footballer Andy Johnson

This is how I answer the phone.

Best Awards Acceptance Speech Ever

Best Pitch Invasion... Ever

Other Things Sid James Might Have Laughed At If He Had Been Alive When They Happened 1976-2001

Christmas gift ideas from the junk mail I get - 2011

Top 10 Upsides Of Recovering From A Boris Bike Crash

Bottle Booby!

Awesome story: How did Scrappy Doo happen?

Best Steadicam shot in the world... ever.

How much does Camden Council love clamping?

What is your Stars In Their Eyes

3 Favourite videos shot in TV control rooms.

What was it like when ITV regions ruled the world?

Quick way to generate character names for your #webseries

How to get men to listen

Your stuff: Please send me Kitchen Roll Art

My job means that I dont have to wear a hat

We have the fattest electricity in the world.

I was born tomorrow, today i live, yesterday killed me

DMA Direct Marketing Association junk mail body
Peace of Mind. Courtesy of my Junk Mail.

Turns out those fish that nibble at your feet are USELESS on beer guts

New product ideas: NIKEA

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