Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How Did Scrappy Doo Happen..?

How did Scrappy Doo happen? And who'dve thought this would have me gripped from beginning to end?

One of my favourite things on the Internet.

An Insiders story about how Scrappy Doo got on the air...

Here's a taster :
Sure enough, I was banned from the studio for a good eighteen minutes, which is how long it was before Mr. Barbera phoned. He instructed me to — and I will clean up his language here a tad — "pay no attention to that damn idiot in Business Affairs."

Before the sun set that evening, I had a deal to write the script that would introduce Scrappy Doo. The pay was sufficient (barely, of course) and there would be a small bonus if the show was picked up.

The next day, I was to meet Mr. B. at the Villa Capri restaurant in Hollywood so we could brainstorm ideas over lunch.


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